Commercial Valuation

Commercial Property

Product Name Sample Report Days to Complete Number of Approaches to Value Complex Property Licensed Appr Appraisal Institute Designated Appraiser Site Visit Fee US($) Action
Tips on selecting the best valuation for your requirements.
  • Business Days from receipt of necessary information
  • Number of Approaches to Value: there are three approaches to value including the sales comparison approach, the income approach and the cost approach. The person preparing the valuation will select the most relevant.
  • Complex Property: a complex property will include a property with more than one property type such as apartments and retail or a property with a value in excess of $20 million.
  • Licensed Appraiser: the least expensive valuations will be prepared by an analyst and are similar to a broker price opinion. When indicated, a state licensed general appraiser will complete the appraisal.
  • Appraisal Institute Designated Appraiser: will be reviewed and signed by Mike Miller, MAI, Ryan Lin, MAI or someone with the highest designation awarded by the Appraisal Institute.
  • Site Visit: a site visit to the subject property will be performed if indicated. Otherwise, no site visit will occur; sometimes this is known as a desktop valuation.